Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rehab Story: Nestling Red-tail Hawk

A fuzzy, young Red-tailed Hawk that fell from a high nest in Greater Cleveland is one of many current animal patients that Lake Erie Nature & Science Center ’s Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Department is working to return to the wild.

Our rehab staff is coordinating with city local officials to find a way to reunite this nestling hawk with its parents. The nest has been located (with a sibling inside) but it is very high up in the tree. If we’re not able to reach the nest with a bucket truck, we hope to be able to reunite this young bird with its wild parents as a branchling. The bird is almost to this branchling stage, where it leaves the nest, but remains on a nearby branches where mom and dad continue to offer food and to teach their offspring the skills necessary to survive in the wild, including how to hunt.

Red-tailed hawks can fly at 9 weeks but still depend on their parents for food. At 15 weeks, they are capable of being on their own but will continue to hang around parents. They don't actually get their red tail until they are a year old.

Our Rehab has been especially busy in recent weeks… so busy, we haven’t been able to pause and tell many of our stories here. Our Community Relations staff is taking time to shadow us to help keep you posted our busy season activities. So, watch our Blog and Social Media sites for more rehab stories in the coming days and weeks.

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