Saturday, January 22, 2011

American White Pelican in Rehab

We’re caring for an unusual patient in Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Program an American White Pelican. Although a few of these birds wind up in our neck of the woods each year, it’s rarely seen in Ohio because the American White Pelican’s normal breeding range is the Northern Plains and Mountain West and it winters along the southern coasts.

The snowy white pelican with black edged wings was picked up in the Cuyahoga River and brought to us on January 19. It had been observed injured for a few days and we immediately noted an obvious left wing injury. An x-ray and veterinary exam revealed no fracture. We are currently treating for a soft tissue injury, keeping the wing stable with a wrap.

Some of the photos we have posted on our Facebook page were taken as Wildlife Rehabilitation Coordinator Amy LeMonds and Wildlife Director Dave Wolf worked to keep the bird eating. (One shot shows the pelican’s amazing open mouth and its long bill with extensible pouch.) The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds in North America .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow! What Were You Doing In High School?

Vince DiGennaro, Sean Waitkus &
Center Executive Director Catherine Timko
Two teen volunteers at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center secured a nearly $1,000 corporate donation to support our Bay Village nonprofit. North Olmsted High School Seniors Vince DiGennaro and Sean Waitkus went into the board room to compete for funds under the Farmers Insurance Future Leaders Development Program and presented the donation they earned to Executive Director Catherine Timko today.

Vince and Sean developed a 20-minute presentation to explain why the nonprofit charity of their choice should receive a financial donation. A panel of company leaders judged competing student pitches and based on communication, content, appearance and overall presentation. Sean and Vince worked "countless hours" on the presentation which included a PowerPoint and video synched to music.

Vince and Sean are both involved in North Olmsted High School’s SITES (Social Involvement Through Education and Service) Program, which partnered with Farmers to engage students in the competition. Sean has logged more than 1,500 volunteer hours at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center and won the Volunteer Service Award at his high school for three years running. He is an aspiring naturalist with plans to study wildlife at Hocking College.

Vince has accumulated more than 100 volunteer hours at the Center since September 2010. He plans to attend the University of Miami (Florida) to study meteorology and marine science.

Well done Sean and Vince! Thank you!