Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Go Wild & Double Your Impact!

“Go Wild” and double your money for Lake Erie Nature & Science Center! If you haven't already heard, we have a great a foundation challenge grant this year that give you the opportunity to have your gift to our non-profit matched dollar for dollar! The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust has pledged to match all new or increased gifts to our year-end “Go Wild” campaign up to $500 per donor – meaning your donation can pack an extra punch for our cause!

Support from folks like YOU allows us to provide FREE admission and FREE wildlife rehab services 7 days a week! Your gift can supply food and medical care for our animal ambassadors, help release wildlife rehab patients back to their natural homes or bring students here on a “wild” educational field trip.
The chance to double your donation is only good until December 31, 2009, so don't wait!

• Use our online donation form (select the Annual Fundraising Appeal radio button)
• Donate (and invite friends to support us) through our Facebook Causes page
• Mail a gift to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, 28728 Wolf Road, Bay Village Ohio 44140
• Make a credit card contribution by phone at 440-871-2900

Because we’re a non-profit organization, your gift is fully tax deductible, too!

Please rally your friends for the cause! All of us at your Lake Erie Nature & Science Center – human and animal – are truly grateful for your support!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Eats For a Great Cause!

Giving has never been easier ... or more delicious! On Tuesday, October 20,  the Max & Erma's restaurant at 30105 Detroit Road in Westlake will be donating 20% of all lunch and dinner proceeds to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center! You MUST print and present this special flyer to your server in order to benefit our non-profit Center. Please print as many copies as you like and pass along to friends, but keep in mind that it's against the rules to hand out the flyer on site.
Some of us are already craving hot bowl of that cheesy tortilla soup! See you there. Don't forget to take your flyer!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Brought Second Wave of Babies

A pair of 7 to 8-week-old Red Squirrels are among of the latest babies to come through intake at our Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Program. Although we usually think “spring” is when we encounter baby wildlife, many animals produce a second wave of offspring in the late summer or early fall.

Like the little Red Squirrels pictured here, whenever a wild baby is healthy and active, we advise that the best course of action for the animal is to return them back to the wild. Better yet, we hope you'll call us before you interfere (440-871.2900 ext. 204!)
It’s actually not uncommon for young squirrels to show a lack of fear of humans. Even if they run right up to you, this doesn’t mean they need your help! Let them continue learning to be wild. You can help them learn a necessary and healthy fear of humans by clapping or making other loud noises to send them on their way. In fact, “What to do about friendly baby squirrels?” is Number 5 on our Frequently Asked Wildlife Rehab Questions list.

If a squirrel’s eyes are not open yet, you can return them right where you found them, or if you believe they are in imminent danger on the ground, make an artificial nest with a milk carton and hang it from a nearby tree for the wild parents to find.
-Amy LeMonds, Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist