Thursday, September 27, 2007

Autumn Brings "Spring Songbirds" to the Center

Selected prints from the popular "Brian Zwiebel's Spring Songbirds" exhibit are now on display at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center. This traveling exhibit from the National Center for Nature Photography will remain at the Center through October 2007. Many of the breathtaking close-ups were shot right here in Ohio in places like the Magee Marsh, a renowned birding hot spot along western Lake Erie. Read more about how this award-winning photographer captures his special images.

NASA's DAWN Mission

Our Planetarium Director Jay Reynolds wears many hats in the space science community. This morning he was up early, rooting for the long-delayed launch of NASA's DAWN space probe:

As I write this, technicians at NASA Cape Canaveral are preparing to roll the large gantry tower which will finally reveal the rocket that will propel the Space Probe DAWN on it’s 8 year journey. DAWN is a mission to the asteroid belt, reaching its first asteroid destination VESTA in 2011. The probe will then break orbit of VESTA and reach the dwarf planet CERES in 2015.

Since this past March, students of Cleveland State University and Lakeland Community College have been providing telescope support for this mission. This past June, our student researchers and I were invited to Kennedy Space Center to present our research to the science team and educators.

It is also good to point out that the ION engines that DAWN will use were developed by our own NASA Glenn Research Center, right here in Northern Ohio .

Thursday morning, after years of delays, 2 mission cancellations and restorations, 4 actual launch delays, DAWN is scheduled to leave Earth, at 7:20 a.m. EDT. It is sometimes described as “the rocket that wouldn’t leave!” My students and I will be watching with anticipation! Go DAWN!

Jay and his Cleveland State students were not disappointed as DAWN began its 1.7 billion mile journey through the inner solar system at 7:34 a.m. this morning.

We love Jay's connection to NASA! The affiliation allows us to bring exciting, cutting edge space photos and information to all our Schuele Planetarium programs. In fact, if you attended any of our seasonal star shows during the month of August, you already learned about asteroids and the DAWN mission.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

StarLab in Action in Sandusky

"Parents and children were seeing stars Thursday night. The Schuele Planetarium portable StarLab from the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center brought the night sky to 60 participants before the sun had even set." -- That's an excerpt from Friday's Sandusky Register. The article, along some beautiful photos of the event by Luke Wark, are posted on the newspaper's website. Planetarium Specialist Suzie Dills conducted the program. If you don't know about the wonderful, inflatable, moveable StarLab, read all about it back on the Planetarium/Outreach pages of our website.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Angling for Steelhead

Don't put your fishing gear away this winter! Learn about the great year-round opportunity to hook steelhead trout in Lake Erie. Ohio Sea Grant, a valued partner to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, is ready to show you the ropes about steelhead angling on October 18. An evening seminar will cover all the angling angles-- from the latest on Ohio's steelhead stocking program and steelhead biology to the ins and outs of flying fishing and spin fishing for steelhead. Kelly Riesen, Fisheries Extension Program Coordinator, (who is based at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center) is heading up the seminar that runs from 6:30 to 9 p.m. The $5/person admission fee benefits the Center. Reservations are necessary and seating is limited. Call Kelly at 440-808-5627 to reserve your spot.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Survivor Party Highlights

Thanks to all our supporters who made last night's Survivor Africa benefit and auction a huge success. Special kudos go out to the fabulous foursome who co-chaired our event, pictured at right, from left to right, Martha West, Marianna Orro, Alyssa Kamm (holding baby 'giraffe') and Helen Hoke. Attendance was up over last year by some 40% and the auction items were more plentiful and amazing! More than 50 volunteers also gave their time to help create a great time for our safari party guests. Thanks again to everyone and save the date for next year-- September 13th! (More party pics posted by our friends at Plugged In Cleveland.)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Countdown to Survivor Africa!

With the Indians looking more and more like they'll be playoff bound, a 2008 game in a Jacobs Field luxery suite, complete with food (value:$2,600+) has been added to our huge and incredible list of silent auction items for this year's annual benefit. With less than a week to go until our Survivor Africa party, our RSVP head-count is ahead of last year's and it's not too late to add your name to the reservation list! The benefit committee continues to add fun details to evening, like a tasty fruit cream liqueur from South Africa, served up in chocolate cups.
When you look at the mouth-watering menu from Arrabiata's, starting with tasty appetizers and ending with dessert, consider the addition of a signature vodka drink to the bar menu of beer and wine, and add in the live music by Oasis, bonfire, treasure hunt and more... this has to be the best party deal in Northeast Ohio at only $50 per person! Remember though, if you wait 'til the night of the event, you'll pay $65, so call or stop by the Center and get your reservations in this week! See you Saturday night!

Girl Scout Registration Tuesday

Our phones have been ringing with calls from Girl Scout leaders eager to sign up for another year of of our award-winning programming for scouts of all ages. We make difficult-to-earn science Badges and Try-Its fun and easy. Scout leaders love our badge programs, Girls Scout days and overnights, as well as our special event days, where you'll find the perfect setting for a bridging ceremony. 2007-08 Girl Scout registration begins Tuesday, September 11 at 10 a.m. We will register on a first-come first served basis and many of our programs fill quickly, so come in or call early. You can view scout offerings on our website or download a PDF version of the 2007-08 Girl Scout brochure for complete details on all the fun!